Monday, 16 September 2013


Its always good for SPANISH FOOTBALL to recover a World Football star. That joy is also evident at REAL MADRID as Argentine International forward GONZALO HIGUAIN has returned to the squad for tomorrows Liga match against Real Sporting de Gijon. Why the post on the return of "another" injured player? 

1. Nearly miraculous. Higuain was discarded for the season after a "complicated" back operation.
2. Sports medicine has advanced spectacularly 
3. American Dr. Fessler has gained a whole new market & European fame
4. Higuan returns when he is most needed for Real Madrid ( overload of important matches & Benzema injuried)
5. If you suffer a back hernia & need to be operated, Higuain is your example of getting back fine. 

Spanish Football
Gonzalo Higuain: photo jesus aguilar

Gonzalo Higuain will be on the bench & may get some minutes tomorrow as part of a carefully planned "back to work" schedule. Nice to see you again Pipa!

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