Monday, 16 September 2013


I have received an also “alarmed” email from a Spanish Football Sports reader asking if it is true that FC BARCELONA Coach Josep Guardiola will leave at the end of 2012. The question arises after it has been “splashed” all over the World Sports media some words that Guardiola mentioned in a TV Interview to Italian channel “RAI” whist in Italy visiting his ex-Club Brescia.

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona Coach Josep Guardiola 

These are the now “famous” words":

"Creo que mi etapa en el Barça se está acabando".
"Me quedaré este año, éste será el cuarto, y un entrenador tiene que saber el momento de marcharse. Los jugadores se cansan de los entrenadores y viceversa.

• “I feel my time at Barça is coming to en end”.
• ”I will stay this year, it will be my fourth & a Coach has to know the moment when to leave. The players get tired of the Coaches & vice-versa”.

Some have said it was a “April fools” stunt, others ask that we watch & listen to the whole interview & put it in its correct overall context which becomes "watered down".

Either way here is my reply for other readers who may have the some questions in mind as our dear reader who sent me the email (encourage all to do so, by the way)

Albert Einstein

My thoughts to all this are in line with the great scientist Albert Einstein were I take a leaf out of his "General Theory of Relativity" & use this theory to explain Coach Guardiola words & the possible future outcomes for FC Barcelona & all the millions of fans around the World. Here we  go. 

These are some consequences that flow from the two inbuilt grand ideas that Albert Einstein formulated to create the “General Theory of Relativity

Several of the consequences that follow from the special theory of relativity are 1) time dilation (clocks moving near the speed of light operate more slowly than stationary clocks), 2) length contraction (objects moving near the speed of light appear to be contracted in the direction of motion), 3) relativity of simultaneity (things that appear to happen at the same time to stationary observer A may appear to happen at different times to moving observer B), 4) mass-energy equivalence (mass and energy are essentially the same thing and transmutable into each other).

These ideas could very well apply to Football – Soccer in general. As in physics, things in Football are relative, were time distorts, space bends & visuals are stretched. The only difference is that while in the “General Theory of Relativity” the force of GRAVITY is the vital force, in Football WINNING is the force that dominates.

Will Coach Pep Guardiola leave FC Barcelona at the end of 2012? Depends, depends on if he & the Club are WINNING & if other objects are travelling at the “Football Speed of Light” & where Guardiola is in a particular point in space & time & what he observes.

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