Tuesday, 17 September 2013

2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Teams [Canada]

The National cricket team, Canada will play their 4th ICC world cup in Group A with Australia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Canada will be also so-called minnows in the 2011 world Cup series. Canada team did not ever get world cup quarter final, semi-finals and finals appearance, always it out from the series in first round. This time it will be standing with young squads, so let’s see they can reach at quarter final or not. Ashish Bagai who is the captain and wicketkeeper of the team is returning player from the 2007 World Cup squad. Henry Osinde, Khurram Chohan, Harvir Baidwan and Rizwan Cheema are main bowlers of the Canadian team who are all included in 15-men squad. May be this time Canada team will come with its new form and make history in the cricket world, but it is all like dream so let's see it will be true or not.

Canada World Cup Squad: Ashish Bagai (captain and wicketkeeper), Rizwan Cheema (vice-captain), Nitish Kumar, Jimmy Hansra, Tyson Gordon, John Davison, Harvir Baidwan, Hiral Patel, Henry Osinde, Parth Desai, Ruvindu Gunasekera, Balaji Rao, Karl Whatham, Khurram Chohan, Zubin Surkari, Hamza Tariq (stand-by).

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