Sunday, 20 April 2014

Nature is the weak point of human

Human Being always fascinate by astonishing natural scene. Water in the form of river, pound or sea have more adjuration to allure human because human feel comfort and their mind fresh. But We are only one who are also destroy the beauty of nature. How do we can save our world and attraction of this world and their nature.

Sometime we can not stop our-self to go near to nature. Whenever, I am in the air of gloom then I find the gleam with help of nature and go to hill station then I feel very pleasant. My all problem remove from my life due the help by nature. Fresh air, cold breeze, greenery  always create more attraction. Due to natural green color create freshness for my eyes and also for my heart. Thus, nature make our mind fresh and appealing of nature is the big source of solution of our problem and we always feel good whenever we are close to nature.

On the other hand, we are only one who are destroy our nature very badly. We are cutting thousand of trees daily and denting our greenery very rapidly from beautiful world. Due to dwindling of trees, we are also facing the problem of global warming and that problem have enormous effects. No one thinking about these serious issue and we are abolish our home day by day. We can't save our world until and unless we are individually think and save our world.

At the end of the time, We have to save beautiful nature and world. We have to grow more trees as possible as we can and we must have to eliminate pole-thine bags from our live. We also have to spread the awareness about the important of nature.

I have few suggestion you also contribute by giving you suggestion.

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