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Spanish Football Sports Blog is a "hobby" written by a Spanish Football - Sports lover who finds time to spread, contact with & let non-Spanish speaking Sports fans around the World,  who admire along with me my Sporting passions,  to stay in touch daily with the most important news. I would love to have more time to expand further beyond the popular news pieces & Clubs, especially the fantastic Spanish 2º DIVISION LEAGUE, but I don´t have a press department of 10 people to do so unfortunately & my "other" life also calls on me. I ask for your "forgiveness" :O)

Having said this,  I am well aware the many of you out there would love to get more news on the 2º Division & I thought that with the LIGA on hold due to Euro & National Team fixture/obligations, that tonight would be the perfect moment to post for everyone a quick update on how things are going in the "Platinum category".

Spanish Football 2 Division
Rayo Vallecano (white) wins Betis to take top spot
Spanish Football 2º Division 

As you may or may not know, the first 2 Clubs that finish the season on top of the classification ladder go straight into the Spanish 1º Division League - La Liga. The next four teams ( from 3 - 6 ) play an away - return leg clash to get 2 more teams that go up into La Liga. The relegation into 2ºB Division is for the last 4 Clubs who drop automatically.

With 31 Rounds already played Madrid Club RAYO VALLECANO is currently in Top spot, especially after defeating REAL BETIS tonight 1- 0, the latter currently second. What is remarkable about Rayo Vallecano is that its owner "Rumasa" (a Spanish Company) is bankrupt & has not been able to pay its players for weeks. Real Betis who are second aren´t that financially well off either, thus highlighting how the jump UP to "LA LIGA" is a way of economic salvation & it is showing in the admirable performances of both Clubs. 

Here is the current 2º Division ladder & how it stands right now after Round 31:

1 Rayo Vallecano 61 points
2 Betis 59
3 Celta 55
4 Barcelona B 51*
5 Elche 50
6 Cartagena 48
7 Granada 47
8 Girona 45
9 Valladolid 45
10 Xerez 44
11 Villarreal B 44
12 Numancia 42
13 Córdoba 41
14 Alcorcón 41
15 Recreativo 39
16 Huesca 38
17 Las Palmas 36
18 Gimnàstic 34
19 Salamanca 31
20 Tenerife 27
21 Albacete 25
22 Ponferradina 24

* FC Bareclona B can never jump up to La their 1º st team is there. The B team is a "breeding" ground for future talent. The same would apply for Real Madrid B, At Madrid B & so on

I will try keeping you up to date with how things are going, but if you notice that updates are not as frequent as wished I ask for your apologies. If you have a real need to follow daily there are plenty of references in the Spanish press sites &/or even via the  search engine Google.

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