Friday, 13 September 2013


Lets suppose that we can comfortably bet that both Real Madrid & FC Barcelona manage to tie up their 2º leg Q/Finals Champions League games & get into the semi-finals. With this scenario, Spanish Sports paper "Marca" highlight to their readers that we are heading - as spectators - towards 4 big Real Madrid - Barça clashes once a week all in a month.  

Spanish Football
Possible upcoming fixture

  • 16th of April : Spanish League - Liga Round 32 game
  • 20th of April : Spanish Cup Final
  • 27th of Abril : 1º leg Champions League semi-final
  • 3rd of May. 2º leg Champions League semi - final
A bonanza for World Football fans & multi million €/$ for Television & promotions. The unfortunate & unavoidable side of all these games is that one team or the other will come out stronger & the other "critically" wounded. This tends to happen when two "Football Beasts" of this size & strenght go head to head.

Love it!

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