Friday, 13 September 2013


Tonight is very special for REAL MADRID CF , & risky in many ways. It has been 7 years & 12 days since last the "Santiago Bernabeu" with its fans witnessed a Quarter Finals stage of the Champions League. Apart, they face a very competitive English Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspurs. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo training Real Madrid

That´s the good news, the risky part is the thought & option being considered in putting "injuried" player CRISTIANO RONALDO in the starting 11. News is that the medical team have advised another week of rest as there exists a possiblity of a new muscle "tear" that could side-line the ace for a month. An upcoming "complicated" month that has an upcoming Liga "classical" against FC Barcelona, the Final of the Spanish Cup against Barça & if both manage to pass their Champions League Q/Finals, two semi finals legs Real Madrid - FC Barcelona.

The dilemma is whether to play, or not,  with Ronaldo in this first leg when he can return in 100% form for the 2º leg CL match at "White Hart Lane" in London.

The other risk is of course a bad result. There will be pressure on Real Madrid as the home side with the need to win & well. The Madrid Club has virtually said goodbye to the Spanish League title & have placed all their hopes & objectives on the Champions League title ( with the Spanish Cup). This must put the pressure on.

Either way we are assured of a great match tonight, a potentially "dangerous" game for the home side not to be missed.

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