Monday, 23 September 2013

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Specification and Features:
  1. Environmentally-friendly: iPhone sixth genaration Could be green with grapheme touch screen while case will made up of naturally-sourced plastic.
  2. Latest 4G Technology: Expected that iPhone 6 will release in 2012, Apple will use very first 4G iPhone technology in it.
  3. 1GHz chip: Apple may introduce iOS 6 with the launching of new phone. To meet the requirement of increased complexity and added features, chip will be much faster then previous models.The iPhone 6 may have 1GHz chip and could have dual process to make operation much fast.
  4. Reduced Thickness: To reduce the thickness Apple may use Graphene, atom-thick material, and it would be completely eco friendly.
  5. Improved Storage Capacity: The new phone might have storage capacity of 64 GB and 128 GB.
  6. Light Weight: To reduce the weight and for better battery life case could be made of the battery itself lithium ion polymer.
  7. Better Camera: It could have 10MP camera that makes photo quality even better.
  8. Near-Field Communication Chip: NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip, which is the latest hardware that allows contactless communication between a iPhone 6 and objects having NFC capabilities.
  9. Virtual Button: Existing button could be replaced with a virtual on-screen button.
  10. Better Security: For Security purpose Apple may introduce thumb or face reorganization.
  11. Projector: The new one could have Pico projector so you can view pictures and movies from short distance.

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